Expert Alternative Treatment of
Acute and Chronic Pain
Digestive Disorders
Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia
Women’s medicine
Autoimmune conditions
and more...
In practice since 1994

I specialize in family medicine and am experienced with patients of all ages from infants to elders. Patient education and empowerment are high priorities in my practice and I spend the time to get to know each and every patient.  When acupuncture and herbal medicine are combined with stress reduction and other positive lifestyle changes amazing changes can and do happen.

Our office is comfortable and warm; people often come for a treatment and end up staying a little longer to drink tea and relax. We use only single-use needles and maintain a sterile office, ensuring the safety and comfort of our patients.

Please read further to learn more about my practice and professional experience.

Elizabeth Sailer, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist
Traditional Chinese Medicine
820 Gravenstein Hwy South, Suite 100
Sebastopol CA 95472

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